Posted by: cameronlafuga | January 5, 2010

Early days

Welcome to our first LaFuga blog of 2010. Having escaped the big freeze am I spending two weeks in sunny California riding the rolling and scenic roads to the North of San Diego. Im here with Director of CycleFilm, Markus Neuert. You may have seen some of our rides such as the Italian Job on YouTube. It doesn’t seem like almost a year has gone by since Markus and LaFuga visited Cape Town, South Africa to reccy the Cape Argus cyclosportive, the biggest event of its kind in the world!

So, California is a fantastic place with a beach culture on the coast and groups of cyclists riding up and down all day long. In land, the roads roll and some of the scenery reminds me of cycling through the Chianti Valley with Ross and Ian in 2008. Today was a recovery day as myself and Markus are embarking on the Stagecoach Century cyclosportive in the desert on Saturday. I say recovery, still clocked up 3hrs riding up and down the coast sampling as many coffee shops as possible without getting palputations! Carlsbad, CA coastline Stay tuned into our blog for more updates from California and our range of cycling Tours to Europe.

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