Posted by: Anton | September 15, 2010

A Randonneur

What does it take to be a randonneur?

A sense of humour? That is just the start of it. For those long tough rides, over entire mountain ranges, at some point you have to laugh at yourself.

A randonneur is a rider who recognizes the true “beautiful machine” of the bicycle. They live and breathe with the machine, taking in every lump, bump, pothole and gravel turn, climbing awe-inspiring mountain passes and descending into oblivion.

A randonneur is a rider who looks after their fellow riders, motivating and encouraging. It’s abit like being a super-domestique. You are there for everyone else. A grupetto of randonneurs will ride together all day and each share in the experiences and scenery.

Right now, two groups of randonneurs are on the road. In the Italian Appenines and across the Pyrennees, each with their own stories to tell and moments to share.

Slate Olson of Rapha USA is blogging, and the Pyrenean photos are on the La Fuga Flickr.

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