Posted by: lafugatravel | January 27, 2011

Club Run Riders Kick Off The New Year

It can sometimes be tricky to get back into a routine after the Christmas break. December can be pretty much written off with endless social engagements combining with some wicked winter weather to keep the bike firmly in the shed. Before you know it, New Year has come around and suddenly you feel the pressure of self-imposed resolutions to get out and ride.  Luckily the 20 riders enrolled on our New Year Club Run had the perfect reason to drag themselves out of bed on a Saturday and take their sorry selves over to La Fuga HQ. A 90km route into the undulating Surrey Hills is a good day out in anyone’s book and the mist and drizzle experienced at the summit of Leith Hill did little to dampen the banter. Tea at Peaslake is always welcome, especially as this time, we’d broken the back of the climbing and only Combe Bottom stood between the riders and home.


In the heart of the Surrey Hills

Club Run riders tackle Combe Bottom

Back at base after the run, riders relaxed in the Club Run to take part in a seminar on injury prevention – perfect timing for guys looking to ramp up their riding in the next few weeks. Jon and Sally from Matt Roberts did a great job of holding the interest of the group when all the riders wanted to do was fall into a pleasant post-ride slumber.  Demonstrating the use of foam rollers and gait analysis to diagnose muscle imbalances, everyone left wiser and equipped with the knowledge to stay injury free in 2011.

Next Club Run dates now announced, book now!

5 March – Spring Club Run

3 April – Flanders Club Run

28 May – Giro Club Run

Find out how Matt Roberts can help you stay injury free in 2011 click here

Jon Roberts Demonstrates the use of the foam roller

The mechanics of the pedal stroke explained

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