Posted by: Anton | February 3, 2011

Time to Ride

Here at La Fuga we are well aware of the time pressures everyone faces to get out on the bike. Over winter, with the shorter days and poor weather, this time pressure is even more intense. Now its February and the days are getting longer, and some signs of spring weather emerge, its time to head out and prepare the legs, body and mind.

We’re heading out on the road today and over the weekend, as part of the Sigma Sport Tri Show, and we’ll have the following essentials in our pockets.

1. Contact Card

2. Essentials case for storage

3. Nuun tablets for hydration

4. Garmin GPS system

5. Mobile Telephone

6. Accelerade energy drink

7. spare puncture patches

8. Tyre lever

9. Spoke tool

10. Spare inner tube.

Our bikes will be kitted with a pump, and tyres designed to handle pot-holed roads and the poor conditions.

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