Posted by: lafugatravel | August 12, 2011

La Fuga Autumn Cycling Academy

Cycling Academy  

Those of you who came with us on our Cycling Academy trips in the spring will know that we promised to be back this Autumn! Well after an extremely busy summer period we are now ready to gauge your interest for our next training camp.

This will take place on the French Riviera, near to our European HQ in Cannes from the 8th – 15th October, giving you a great chance to hone your skills on some great roads ready for the winter training period.

As an added bonus, Matt Roberts gyms are considering sending out their biomechanical expert. Using several advanced techniques they will help you to pinpoint muscle tightness, imbalances and weaknesses. Tailored advice will then be available to combat these problems so you can come out of your winter training in great shape.

Pricing is currently being finalised, but will be similar to that of our spring academy.

So if you think this trip could be for you, register your interest here  

Check out the photos from earlier this year on our Spring Cycling Academy here. 

Read more about Matt Roberts Gyms:

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