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Share your #LoveToRide


Appennini 31st August -7th September 2013

‘The route, service, support, hotels, food, attention to detail, and general back-breaking hard work done by La Fuga and the guides were second to none and, more often than not, beyond the call of duty and expectation. The fact the group were always looking out for each other, offering a wheel to shelter behind and some words of encouragement, will live long in the memory’. 

Jeremy Persad (Appennini)

La Fuga is entering Spring with an irresistible offer that is sure to keep you going during the last legs of winter. We are sharing our love of riding by offering you, and a friend, an incredible discount of £1000 on our ‘Randonnée Originals’: The PyréneesAlps and Appennini

You and a friend can take advantage of this amazing offer if you book together between 07/02/2013 and 07/03/2013, and if booking on the same qualifying trip, each will receive £500 discount. More detailed terms and conditions to be found below.

All three Randonnée Originals pack a real riding punch, and in our previous experience groups who become Randonneurs together stay lifelong buddies. So we know that our trips are perfect experiences to share, after all, how great it is to have friends there to support you 20k into a hard climb!? Share our newsletter with a friendLike and share it on Facebook and join in the conversation by Tweeting it loud and clear and take advantage of this amazing Share your #lovetoride offer.


Pyrénees 14th – 21st September 2013

‘Extraordinary biking, perfect weather, outstanding support from the Fuga team. I was greatly impressed by the team spirit, the cohesiveness of strangers to accomplish a common goal, and as Fuga promotes, an ethos that characterizes the spirit of the Randonnnée and the Raid du Pyrénées’.

Ted Cronin (Pyrenees)

Our Original Randonnées are tests of your adventurous spirit, determination and physical endurance.  Our carefully designed routes will take you on an exploration like no other, traversing some of the most beautiful and historic roads and mountain passes in Europe.  The La Fuga Original Randonnées are both demanding and rewarding , giving you the opportunity to experience the highs and lows commonly seen in a professional stage race.  On a good day you’ll feel like Pantani and as if you’re floating over the tarmac but, on a bad day, it’ll be a struggle to get out of bed and tackle the road ahead.  However, it’s on these bad days where the La Fuga Ethos comes into it’s own: On a strong day be generous and offer the help that you’ll so gratefully accept on a low day.  The Randonnée is not a race, there will be no individual winner, but there is a unique sense of having achieved something colossal when you work together with your fellow Randonneurs to complete these epic events. Read more about our Randonnées.


Alpine 14th – 21st June 2013

‘It might not have been ‘Nam but it was an intense and emotional week, a complete luxury to have been wrapped up in a mini universe comprised only of preparing to ride, riding and reflecting on the day’s ride. I didn’t think about work once. It was a real privilege to be able to ride and spend some time with a group of great people and I hope we get the chance to ride together again. I don’t believe anyone else can provide five star suffering quite like La Fuga!’ 

Dominic O’Neil (Alpine)

Please read our Terms and Conditions:
Offer valid only between the 07/02/2013 until 07/03/2013.
Offer only valid if two people book on the same trip between above dates.
Offer valid for Alpine, Appennini and Pyrenees only.
After the deposit has been paid, each person will receive £500 off their final balance.
No refund will be offered for cancellation after deposit received.

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